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Manage your membership online by renewing your membership credentials, making payments towards your membership dues and update your membership profile. LOG IN REQUIRED.


How to log into your member profile…


1.  What is my User ID?

Your user ID is:  [first letter of your first name] + [last name] + [last two digits of year of birth]

  • Example:  Pastor Fred Smith was born in 1955
  • Fred Smith User ID:  fsmith55


2.  What is my password?

Your default password is:  Password123 

  • It is recommended that you take a moment to change your password after you log in.


3.  If you have difficulty logging into your profile, please review the following:

  • Is your user ID correct? See number #1 above
  • Did you type in the default password paying attention to the upper and lower case letters?


4. If you still cannot access your member profile, please call the GCMF office for assistance.