Pay Membership Dues Introduction


We are grateful for your faithful support each month.  We pray that God will bless and use this tool to increase your opportunities for ministry and multiply the fruit of your labor.

Dues schedule below provides the resources necessary for GCMF to serve you.  Upon completion of the renewal process, please keep your ministry credentials current as a GCMF member by contributing the appropriate amounts listed below.

For those 70 years and older.   In order to effectively walk out our mission as a credentialing and overseeing organization, we have re-structured our dues payment requirements for members who are 70 and over.  We are asking that all credentialed ministers contribute the full member dues amount without regard to age.


GCMF Dues Schedule:

Ordination credentials: $40 per month or discounted amount of $432.00 (due by January 31)

License credentials: $30 per month or discounted amount of $ 324.00 (due by January 31)

Husband and wife: $50 per month (either ordination of license)


Financial Hardship:  For those unable to meet member dues requirement, please call the office to discuss options for keeping credentials current.

My Membership Dues

Make a single contribution in any amount towards your monthly dues schedule or setup automatic payments.